MSEJ Autumn 2019 - Page 20

Driven For Success?

You can Hit the Road Where Opportunity can take you Anywhere

In service, you were counted on by our nation to protect our rights and freedoms.

Now, you have a chance to be counted on again, as every other industry depends on transportation and logistics. Are you ready to hit the road and join the frontlines?

After your transition from service, you’re at a crossroad where you have unlimited career options available to you. Transportation and Logistics should be at the top of your list to pursue.

Transportation and Logistics is becoming one of the most in-demand careers, with job openings outnumbering the unemployment rates. With the wage growth in the industry to nearly $90,000 earning potential, a career in Transportation and Logistics is a lucrative career path to pursue.

The benefits of a career in Transportation and Logistics are endless. You have the freedom to set your hours and be your own boss and see the country. With these sweet benefits, CASY and premiere partner, SWIFT, have a program for you that keeps piling on those benefits.

Through our T2TL program, you get a scholarship for your CDL. You get paid while you’re going to school, and job placement with a starting salary of $50k.

A fresh and lucrative career has never been easier. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!