MSEJ Autumn 2019 - Page 19| HOT JOBS 19

Want to thank your coworkers but not sure how? Try out these ideas to show your gratitude in the workplace.

Take Notice

Pay attention to all of the work being done in the workplace. The focus of many businesses is bottom lines, big pictures, and end results so the day-to-day work can be overlooked at times. Take a moment to see the small details your coworkers or employees are contributing to the company. After you’ve realized the amount of effort and time that was put into a big department project, say something, acknowledge their work! During the next staff meeting thank the group collectively for all the progress and hard work that contribute to the company’s success.

Be Specific

It’s always great to hear “I appreciate you,” but after a while, it can become redundant and impersonal. Look for specific tasks your staff completed, did they stay late to help balance the books, accept additional projects or offer a fresh idea? When saying “thank you,” be specific and sincere, it shows you, as a boss, are paying attention and that their work is noticed and valued. The specific nature of your “thank you” will be appreciated by your employees and help to build a loyal staff.

Thank Them How They Want To Be Thanked

Some people are shy while others love the limelight, so thanking a quiet employee in a department meeting can make them feel overwhelmed and embarrassed. The goal is to make everyone feel appreciated in ways they can relate to; this will require you to get to know your employees and coworkers. Would a handwritten note be more meaningful or perhaps a thank you over coffee? Knowing your employees will help determine the best way to thank them for all of their hard work. Most people don’t seek out accolades, but it’s always nice and reassuring when someone else notices your work and says “thank you”.