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Congratulations, rebecca!

Spouse Success

what details were necessary and which were not. She also explained what "key words” are and how companies use them to search for applicants. I even got to attend an online workshop were we were able to receive group feedback and talk in real time to receive additional guidance.

Results of Assistance: Due to the assistance I received, I went from getting no interviews for over six months to getting three interviews in a one-month timeframe, after finalizing my resume. I am now in the final process of obtaining my aPHR certificate for my career due to the guidance and assistance of this program. Without them I would have never known this was a possibility.

Value of Experience: This program helped me focus on what an employer is looking for in their candidates and, more than anything, has given me the tools and ability to obtain my aPHR certificate which I am looking forward to.

I was given one-on-one attention to really focus on my goals and what I wanted my resume to say about me.

Hiring Challenge: It was challenging being out of the workforce for 2.5 years due to PCS-ing and only being able to find underemployment opportunities. I needed to find something that fitted my expertise, education, and paid well enough for us to be able to put our child into daycare.

Assistance Received: My Employment Specialist helped me with my resume wording, formatting, and placement as well as assisted me with