MSEJ Autumn 2019 - Page 12

Post Interview Etiquette- Should You Followup?

You've finished your interview, feel great or even not so great about how it went, walking back to your car you think “What Next? Do I send a thank- you … what should I do following an interview?"

The simple answer is that you should always follow up by thanking the person or persons who conducted your interview. Steer clear of sending a thank you text message as that can be perceived as too informal. The preferred method of follow up thank-you would be either sending an email or a physical note.

When sending a thank-you note or email, remember to address the person or persons in your interview directly. But what if I don't know all of their names? It is always best practice to request business cards at the beginning or end of your interview, especially for panel interviews, but if you forget to do that, it's okay. Simply address the thank-you note to your hiring manager and ask them to extend the gratitude to the rest of the panel.

Try to stay within the 24-hour rule when sending out the thank-you. If you are sending a paper snail-mail thank-you card, I would send that almost immediately so that they receive the card within a day or so from your interview.

Written By: Phylicia Vallier