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Doug “Nords” Nordman is a retired Navy submariner who wasn’t always proactive with his money. He stayed in the military for 20 years for the promised pension and healthcare. During that time, he essentially hoarded what he earned. That changed, however, when he met his spouse; she taught him to invest his earnings and changed his financial future.

SH: In the book, I noticed a shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. Was there a trigger for that shift?

DN: We enjoyed the first 10 years of our careers, and we were regularly saving over 40% of our income. My priorities flipped when we started a family, and I quickly learned how work conflicted with our new life. In retrospect, I regret staying on active duty for 20. I was stuck in the fear and ignorance of that scarcity mindset. Our abundance attitude is evolving, but some days I still revert to scarcity. However, I can see the numbers on our spreadsheets, and I can watch our account balances rising.

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Doug “Nords” Nordman: A daily, healthy dose of the surf report, blog posts and board discussions, along with obscure military and federal references (linked in the book’s Recommended Reading) to answer a dozen reader questions a day. That’s the “broccoli,” and the “chocolate” is a buffet of science fiction, military thrillers, and action-adventure novels.

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Starlett Henderson: Sacred Spaces, by military spouse Corie Weathers.


There’s bound to be an update to The Military Guide with a section on the Blended Retirement System and more reader stories soon. Be on the lookout for Kindle booklets about making the best choices with military insurance programs. Want more about money? Try Your Money or Your Life (Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez), Give and Take (Adam Grant), Work Less, Live More (Robert Clyatt), & The Military Advantage (Terry Howell).