MSEJ August 2018 - Page 32| HOT JOBS 32

Mission Possible: Taking Control of Your Finances and Your Future

By Starlett Henderson

As an Employment Specialist at CASY & MSCCN, I hear a number of answers when I ask candidates about their career goals.

I have no idea. Do I have to know right now?

When I grow up, I’ve always thought…

Anything. I need to make some money and pay the bills.

While the first two answers typically deal with the job seeker’s uncertainty, the last answer is crystal clear—and its main concern is urgency. Money is a significant factor when it comes to career choices. Often, ideas about money can get tangled up with what you want to do, and maybe even feelings about what others think you should do.

I tend to believe there’s a book for everything. When it comes to finances and the job search, there’s usually one that will help candidates with clarity. They tend to divide along the lines of money, vision, and strategy.

Rarely does one book cover all three. And even if it does, there’s no guarantee that the author practices what they preach.

When I evaluate a book, I look for good information, clarity, and an author who lives what they write. Doug Nordman’s The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement fully delivers. You may have seen a pocket guide version floating around your installation and have yet to pick it up. Run, don’t walk, my friends.


"I wrote The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement for all U.S. Military service members, veterans, and their families. It starts with a case study for retirees and expands to include those who’ve only served one obligation."