MSEJ August 2018 - Page 24| HOT JOBS 24

Industry Profile:

Cybersecurity—On the Front Lines

It seems like lately, everywhere you turn, someone is talking about cybersecurity.

Universities are creating cybersecurity centers. The US Army recently stood up their Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon, GA, home of Army Cyber Command. Questions of how to keep our data safe and news features on the latest data compromise fill our social media and newsfeeds.

Much of twenty-first century warfare will occur in the digital space, and hackers and other individuals seeking to do harm often turn to the internet to carry out their plans.

Due to the scale and urgency of these realities, the cybersecurity field is set to grow over the next

decade and provides career potential for many former service members and Veterans.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a branch of the information technology field concerned with identifying, stopping, and responding to cyberattacks and other actions that undermine data security.

On the job, cybersecurity deals with securing information technology systems, including identifying and fixing problems in software and across networks.

Depending on the specific cybersecurity job you apply for, your responsibilities may also include figuring out when an attack has occurred, how it happened, and how to prevent similar future attacks. When it comes to bureaucratic levels, cybersecurity work involves setting policies and procedures that result in best practices for preventing and dealing with cyberattacks.