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The job search doesn't occur in a vacuum.

By: Jamie Boyle

When looking for a job, it's easy to focus in on one factor and identify it as THE reason for success or failure.

We see this often with our job seekers. Some have explained how they'll have no problem getting a federal job because they have  veteran’s preference. Others will laser in on the fact that they are a military spouse, saying "no one will hire me because I'm a military spouse."

This focus is limiting, and it can blindside us to the realities of our job search.

The job search includes many variables, and who you are is only one of them. Working to understand the other variables can give you a better perspective and improve your chances of success in the job market.

Understand the national and international economy.

The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics puts out a monthly jobs report. While the numbers and information in this report might feel sterile and impersonal, this data is directly connected to employment on the local level. Is the economy growing? Are employers adding jobs? Were there large or small gains in jobs numbers? These seemingly distant facts will all trickle down to your job search.

Additionally, federal policies, global shifts, and international relationships can affect your job prospects. Many of us avoid the news for its negativity, but keeping an eye and an ear on the economy can give you a better understanding of what you are

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