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Congratulations, Ester!

After working with MSCCN for 2 months, Ester was hired by Aspirus YMCA in Weston, WI.

Hiring Challenge: The biggest challenge for me was being secure about the unknowns. I was applying for jobs in a new country, using a language other than my primary language, and with a resume that reflected all of the moves that a military spouse must face.

Assistance Received: I started working with Lina Irizarry De La Cruz at MSCCN about two months before I got hired. She promoted CASY & MSCCN’s

services at the Esposas Militares Hispanas USA Armed Forces.

I took about 5 different online trainings about resumes, interviews, LinkedIn, and the job search process. The trainings were very detailed and easy to follow. Other than that, the coaching from my employment specialist, Lina, has been vital—not only before I was hired, but after I got a job. Without her, it would have been a much harder process.

Results of Assistance: Thanks to all of the help I received from MSCCN, I now have a job at a great company where there are a lot of possibilities for me to grow professionally within that company.

Value of Experience: It has been a great experience, and I will always be grateful to MSCCN for all of the knowledge, guidance, and support that I received. Working with MSCCN boosted my confidence and dissipated my doubts. I will also be eternally grateful to Esposas Militares Hispanas USA for introducing me to MSCCN.