MSEJ August 2017 - Page 13


Flexibility and Scheduling

The reason most people want remote jobs is for the flexibility, so don’t be afraid to be flexible with your schedule and your abilities during your move. However, the key to having this kind of flexibility while on the move is to be honest with your employer and co-workers before you hit the road. Make

sure that you fully explain what your moving timeline will be like, and that it may be some time before you’re completely settled. Remember not everyone is familiar with the military moving process. Work out a schedule that will work for all of you.

As you put this schedule together, keep your lack of a future routine in mind. You may find it easier to work late in the evening or early in the morning, even though your regular hours used to be different.

Above all, be realistic. If you are planning on driving for ten hours, odds are you’re not going to work

another ten hours once you arrive. Setting a schedule and managing everyone’s

expectations is an important step in moving your remote job.

Moving not only your family but your career can be stressful and downright exhausting. When it comes to preparing your home, it can feel like business as usual—but don’t forget the work you need to do to prepare yourself to handle your professional business on the road!