MSEJ August 2017 - Page 12


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the right items. When you separate out the items that will travel with you, make sure to include your office necessities. Do you have all your notes? Are there any items you need to do your job no matter where you are located? Will you need a printer? Do you have the power cord for your computer?

Most hotels offer free Wi-Fi for

guests, but if your family already has housing you should contact the local internet provider prior to your arrival so that you can set up your service ASAP.

While you’re waiting for your Wi-Fi to arrive, consider your options. Are you able to use your phone as a Hotspot? While most coffee houses and fast food restaurants offer free Wi-Fi, you should also check out the local library. Finding free Wi-Fi spots can even give you some quiet time to work away from the moving chaos.

Work Calls

Most remote and virtual jobs come with a lot of conference calls. These calls are usually the only way to share ideas, communicate, and get updates from your coworkers, so they are vital to a successful remote job (even when you’re moving).

When making travel plans, try to plan your stops around your work calls. I took one call in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant while the family was inside eating. This allowed me to conduct my job in a quiet environment while also ensuring my family’s needs were met. If you've made it to a hotel, maybe send your family to the pool while you catch up on work calls and your email.