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Propositions orthodontiques Classe II / Situations critiques The book “Proposals of orthodontics / Class II / Critical situations” presents the orthodontic treatment of complex nonsurgical cases and uses of specific protocols developed by a team of specialists coordinated by Edith Lejoyeux and Françoise Flageul. The orthodontic treatment of certain situations specific to teen-agers presents the difficulties that require a consistent diagnostic process and the patient’s active cooperation in order to achieve the results allowed by the Bioprogressive concept. The presence of all permanent teeth and the closure of the growth ending require specific goals, particularly with regard to the aesthetics of the smile, occlusal finish and the resulting stability. We refer then to treatment that could almost be called “orthodontic treatment of the last resort”. The diagnosis, as a key of the therapeutic decision, is the subject of a very detailed approach. The mechanics of the treatment is accurately explained in order to achieve the objectives established in the treatment plan. Finally the elastopositioning ensures the accuracy of the functional occlusion, the treatment conclusion and the quality of the aesthetic result. An essential work for any orthodontist facing Class II critical clinical situations is richly illustrated by 650 figures. Le traitement parodontal en omnipratique Jean-Pierre Ouhayoun Publisher: Quintessence International Language: French ISBN: 978-2-912550-92-7 Edition: 1/e Publish Year: 2012 Pages: 192 Price: 151.00 € Dr. Jean-Pierre Ouhayoun launches the book “Periodontal Treatment in General Practice” at a time when implantology seems to monopolize all the requests for training and when putting an implant appeared to some as a universal therapeutic tool for many reasons: - many practitioners being ignorant of the influence of periodontitis on the durability of implants; also – ignorance of the effectiveness of periodontal therapeutics to preserve the teeth in patients with periodontitis for much longer periods than for implants. Periodontitis, Elements of diagnosis, Indications and application of non-surgical treatments, Role of occlusion and contention, Surgical treatments and finally Implantology are the chapters of this book essential for any STOMA.EDUJ (2014) 1 (2) Books Review Edith Lejoyeux, Françoise Flageul Publisher: Quintessence International Language: French ISBN: 978-2-912550-76-7 Edition: 1/e Publish Year: 2011 Pages: 180 Price: 144.00 € practitioner concerned with the periodontal health of his patients. The book has 192 pages and is generously and eloquently illustrated by 423 figures. Dr. Jean-Pierre Ouhayoun’s book presents his 30 years of experience as a clinician assuming Marian-Vladimir constant monitoring with the caution of scientific Constantinescu literature. This book provides answers to the DDS, PhD of Prosthetic Dentistry important clinical situations encountered in the Department “Carol Davila” University everyday practice of periodontitis as an update of Medicine and Pharmacy of knowledge and clinical practice essential for Bucharest, Romania Email: all modern practitioners. 147