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Mohamed Sherine El-Attar Publisher: ExistIT Publisher Language: English ISBN 978-1-62137-066-6 Edition: 3/e Publish Year: 2013 Pages: 84 Price: $16.95 The book “How to Become a Unique Dentist” is a collection of thoughts, experiences and advice which allow the practitioner to achieve perfection. Professor El-Attar is a professor of prosthodontics at Alexandria University, Egypt and the dean of the Pharos Dental School, Alexandria, Egypt. He divided this guideline in nine chapters: Getting Started, The Office, Professional Ethics, The Maestro, Dental Implants, You and the Others, Controversies, Challenges and Now will you be a unique dentist? The book shows us the right way to start being a successful dental practitioner which involves collecting as much knowledge as you can and lots of training. He also talks about the dental office organization concept and the way to approach the patient. The success of your office depends on your decision of the best treatment plan (with the patient’s consent of course). If you respect the occlusion, if you use splinting in periodontally involved teeth and if you choose permanent prosthetic temporization, you have all the chances to „be a good prosthodontist, be the maestro”. Professor El-Attar also considers that a natural tooth is a “treasure” to be preserved by endodontic treatment. In case the natural root cannot be saved due to the endodontic problematic tooth he recommends dental implants as every unique dentist has to deal with implants. Dental specialties are interdependent; choosing one specialty is recommended but you have to practice it with greater professional skill. Only the young practitioner who carefully reads and follows exactly the advice outlined in the current guide can become a successful practitioner fulfilling his dream of being “A Unique Dentist”. Textbook of FORENSIC ODONTOLOGY Nitul Jain Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd Language: English ISBN: 978-93-5025-722-7 Edition: 1/e Publish Year: 2013 Pages: 234 Price: £36.00 Forensic odontology is a branch of forensic medicine and deals with the proper examination, handling and presentation of dental evidence. The “Textbook of Forensic Odontology” provides an overview of the subject with ten chapters. After an introduction to forensic sciences and the different branches, there follow the applications of forensic odontology. The individual chapters go through topics such as dental records, oral and maxillofacial radiology, age estimation, cheiloscopy, palatoscopy and forensic facial reconstruction. The last chapters discuss the identification of mass disaster victims, as well as victims of child abuse, neglect and domestic STOMA.EDUJ (2014) 1 (2) Books Review How to Become a Unique Dentist A Quick Manual for Dentists Aiming for Perfection violence. The “Textbook of Forensic Odontology” drafted by Dr. Nitul Jain and contributors, is a brief Florin Eugen but comprehensive manual eloquently illustrated in Constantinescu more than 260 full color images and photographs; DDS,PhD Student ROPOSTURO it is easy to understand and useful for the subject Holistic Dental Institute of oral pathology, oral medicine and forensic Bucharest,Romania E-mail: medicine. 145