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Books Review Klinische Funktionsanalyse Manuelle Strukturanalyse • Interdisziplinäre Diagnostik M. Oliver Ahlers, Holger A. Jakstat Publisher: dentaConcept  Language: German ISSN: 978-3-933465-03-0 Edition: 4/e Publish Year: 2011 Pages: 681 Price: 168,00€ The book “Clinical Functional Analysis Manual Structural Analysis • Interdisciplinary Diagnostics” by M. Oliver Ahlers and Holger A. Jakstat presents a conceptual idea of an efficient diagnosis scheme for a contemporary dental practice of the Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD). It is a practical workbook which explains the Craniomandibular Disorders (CMD) and their diagnosis under an interdisciplinary approach. The current edition, the 4th, of this book is divided into six chapters: Clinical Functional Analysis, Dysfunction of the Masticatory System, Dental Clinical Functional Analysis, Interdisciplinary Cooperation, Instrumental Function Diagnostics and Therapy, and Management in Treatment of Functional Diagnostics. The first chapter shows the importance of functional diagnostics and updated changes in diagnosis and treatment in Craniomandibular Disorder (CMD). Chapter two enlarges upon the epidemiology, classification and terminology, functional anatomy, etiology and pathology, pain syndrome and therapy orientation in dysfunctions of the masticatory system. The need for functional dental clinical analysis (CMD-Screening), medical history, stress analysis, pain analysis and observation of disease progression are presented in chapter three. With respect to the clinical functional examination, the authors point out the role of Manual Structural Analysis (vertical/horizontal isometry, passive/dynamic compression, translation and traction) in the Craniomandibular Disorder (CMD) diagnosis. Functional computer analysis includes (CMDfact) modules for manual structural analysis (“CMDmanu”) and for the evaluation and measurement of TMJ MRIs (“CMDtomo”) as well as instrumental functional analysis CMD 3D. Chapter 4 speaks about the psychological factors and orthopedic influences that contribute Marian-Vladimir to CMD occurrence in an interdisciplinary Constantinescu DDS, PhD approach of the examination and treatment of Department of Prosthetic Dentistry this disease. Tinnitus and otalgia are presented, “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy as well as the imaging investigation procedure, Bucharest, Romania physiotherapy, treatment options of acute and Email: chronic pain, and conversation in CMD patients. 144 Chapter five describes the instrumental function diagnostics and occlusal therapy beginning with the clinical examination of the upper and lower dental arches. After an alginate precision impression is achieved a class 4 gypsum study model is cast. Then register cranial landmarks are gathered to position the upper model. Then there follows the transfer of the cranial landmarks on the articulator and installation of H