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FULL-MOUTH ZIRCONIA-BASED IMPLANT-SUPPORTED FIXED DENTAL PROSTHESES. FIVE YEAR - RESULTS OF A CLINICAL PILOT STUDY. Gianluca Martino Tartaglia, DDS, PhD DDS, PhD, Assistant Professor and Consultant, Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Milan, Milano, Italy CV Dr. Gianluca Martino Tartaglia received his D.D.S. degree from the University of Milan School of Dentistry, Italy in 1991, and his Ph.D. in Morphological Sciences from the same university in 1996. He is currently a staff member of the Laboratory of Functional Anatomy of the Stomatognathic Apparatus, and he works in private practice in Milan. He is the author of more than 100 international research papers on the stomatognathic system. In particular, he is an expert in the surface electromyography of masticatory and neck muscles. Questions What type of study is this? q a. Transversal study; q b. Associative study; q c. Clinical pilot study; q d. None of the above. How many patients and for how long where they enrolled? q a. 5 patients for 10 years; q b. 10 patients for 10 years; q c. 5 patients for 5 years; q d. 10 patients for 5 years. What was the survival rate during the follow-up period? q a. 40%; q b. 60%; q c. 80%; q d. 100%. How many FMIZBRs experienced some minor porcelain veneer fractures? q a. 2; q b. 4; q c. 6; q d. 8. STOMA.EDUJ (2014) 1 (2) 143