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FULL-MOUTH ZIRCONIA-BASED IMPLANT-SUPPORTED FIXED DENTAL PROSTHESES. FIVE YEAR - RESULTS OF A CLINICAL PILOT STUDY. implants problems, tenderness, temporary pain) complications were resolved without changing the prosthesis. In addition to the clinical examination, the patients were interviewed, and their satisfaction with the prosthetic treatment was rated from 0 (‘not satisfied at all’) to 3 (‘completely satisfied’). They were also asked about recommending or not the treatment to someone else. RESULTS At the 5-year follow up visit, all restorations remained in situ and were still in use. There were no failures recorded during the followup period. All the ten FMIZBRs that were followed up for 5 years experienced no biological complications. Eight FMIZBRs experienced some type of technical complications. Among complications there were minor porcelain veneer fract W&W2F