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82 J EDITORIAL LIFE IS DYNAMIC - DENTISTRY A WELL Jean-François Roulet AN EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM PROMOTED FOR CENTRAL AND EAST EUROPEAN STOMATOLOGISTS Marian-Vladimir Constantinescu Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 77-152, Autumn, 2014 86 ORAL PHYSIOLOGY RECORDING OF MASTICATION ANGLES BY PLANAS’S LAWS Cristina Maria Borțun, Laura-Cristina Rusu 92 CEO Alina NICOLEANU Business Development Manager Lavinia IOVIȚĂ Production Manager Bogdan LABER Sales Manager Ionuţ NICOLEANU Communication Manager Alexandra MĂNĂILĂ Administrative Manager Andreea BANEA COMMUNITY DENTISTRY IS COMPARISON OF THE PREVALENCE OF DISEASE APPROPRIATE AS HEALTH INDICATOR BETWEEN TWO POPULATIONS? Amar Hassan Khamis, Maanas Shah 98 ENDODONTICS HEALING OF PERIAPICAL PERIODONTITIS – CONE BEAM COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY VISUALIZATION – CASE REPORT Paula Perlea, Coralia Cristina Nistor 102 Editorial & Events Assistant ORTHODONTICS TREATMENT EFFECTS OF R-APPLIANCE IN VERTICAL GROWING PATIENTS-CASE SERIES Valentin MIROIU Rahman Showkatbakhsh, Abdolreza Jamilian, Minoo Alipanahi, Letizia Perillo Subscriptions Tel./Fax: 031.432.82.30 E-mail: 108 PERIODONTICS SILK FIBROIN AND POTENTIAL USES IN REGENERATIVE DENTISTRY - A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW ADDRESS: SC MEDIA SYSTEMS COMMUNICATION SRL, Electromagnetica Business Park, Rahovei Street, no 266-268, 2nd Building, 2nd Floor, 22-23 Offices, 5 Sector, Bucharest, Romania, Tel./Fax: 031 - 432 82 30 E-mail: Copyright © 2014 MEDIA SYSTEMS COMMUNICATION The author rights for all the published articles and photographs are owned exclusively by Media Systems Communication S.R.L. Partial and total reproduction, under any form, printed or electronic, or the distribution of published materials can only be done with the written approval of Media Systems Communication S.R.L. ISSN 2360 – 2406 ISSN – L 2360 – 2406 All the original content published is the sole responsibility of the authors. All the interviewed persons are responsible for their declaration and the advertisers are responsible for the information included in their commercials. Maria Justina Roxana Virlan, Bogdan Calenic, Catalin Zaharia, Maria Greabu 116 OCCLUSION FUNDAMENTALS OF OCCLUSION AND MASTICATORY FUNCTION Georg B. Meyer, Olaf Bernhardt, Marian-Vladimir Constantinescu 123 GERODONTOLOGY IMPACT OF ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS ON TOOTH LOSS Lola Giusti, Eric S. Salmon, Richard White 131 ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY ANTERIOR IMPLANT RESTORATIONS – CHALLENGE AND COMPROMISE. A CASE REPORT Sorin Uram-Ţuculescu 138 ORAL REHABILITATION FULL-MOUTH ZIRCONIA-BASED IMPLANT-SUPPORTED FIXED DENTAL PROSTHESES. FIVE YEAR - RESULTS OF A CLINICAL PILOT STUDY Gianluca Martino Tartaglia, Chiarella Sforza 144 BOOKS REVIEW 148 AUTHOR’S GUIDELINES