MRS BOOKS 2018 MRS - Page 4

“ Welcome to our third annual installment of the MRS Annual. This book is a labor of love and is dedicated to you, our extended family of the western hunting world. We know you share our passion for wild things and wild places. value the experience as much as the end result. Like us, you enjoy the pursuit and the preparation that leads up to a successful hunt. We are willing to bet, that like us, you start every year before the application season, digging through as much info as you can get your hands on. To make the process a tad more simple, let our MRS Annual do the work for you. Our team has spent thousands of hours and sifted through hundreds of pages of information and distilled all of it into a sin- gle resource for you. No longer do you have to sit behind the comput- er getting frustrated, trying to unveil cryptic data and then trying to interpret it. Let’s face it, you have more important things to do, plus we’ve already taken care of that. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and flip to your favorite states. These pages contain some of the West’s best-kept secrets and big game hunting nuggets of gold. Good luck in your search for that buck, bull or ram of your lifetime. And if you do man- age to strike gold on your next big game quest, we hope you would consider sharing your experience and adventure with your fellow hunters in the pages of an Eastmans’ publication. “ Best of luck to you and your family this fall. - The Eastman Family MIKE EASTMAN