MRS BOOKS 2018 MRS - Page 10

draw the most popular units. Then there is the hated “point creep.” Every year points you get 169 chances to draw 1 of 23 resident tags. But wait – that is 169 people don’t draw they get a point and since they’re competing with others who of 236,141 total resident chances, or 1.65% individual odds after putting in for 13 are gaining points the points needed for a hunt often goes up by 1 each year, years. Yeah, your 13 point group should draw a little over 1/3 of all the tags but keeping it barely out of reach. the problem is that 495 other guys also have 13 points and many applicants with Bonus point draws were introduced to both reward those who have put in far fewer points will draw. longer and still give everyone a chance. The problem is that the odds of drawing Look at how spread out the tags awarded are among the different point are never 100%, even for those with the most (max) points. Squaring the points level groups. This extreme exam