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South West As from Rs 1,600 per person As from Rs 1,500 per person Well-known for its South coast waves, Mauritius is considered as a paradise for windsurfers. Rent your equipment and let yourself be guided by the wind and feel freedom rushing through your veins; windsurfing might be the best and most fun water sports of all! Famous for its wonderful flora and appreciated for its green lavished scenery, Mauritius invites you in the midst of nature with endless possibilities for river treks, mountain hikes and forest trails. Go for an ultimate adventure; Mauritius has many hidden treasures, isolated for perfect moments: nature lovers will find plenty of reasons to love Mauritius. South West Kite Surfing Hiking Quad Biking Swimming with dolphins As from Rs 1,350 per person As from Rs 1,700 per person Ride into the wilderness and experience the fun and thrill of those four-wheeled machines. Since this is one of the most thrilling activities full of fun and adventure, it is one that you should not leave Mauritius without having tried. Sharing the water with amazing creatures in their natural habitat: an unforgettable encounter with one of nature’s friendliest mammals… Among the most popular activities around the island, swimming with dolphins is simply a must-do experience that we greatly recommend you! 22 23