Mr. Concierge Activity Book MRC_BOOK_final_HIGH - Page 10

In-house Chef As from Rs 3,000 per group Explore our in-house Chef menu to get a taste of our Mauritian flavours. Let our in-house chef dazzles your taste buds with its fine cuisine right in your holiday home. From Mauritian specialties to gourmet dishes, our chefs are always ready to surprise you. OUR SPECIALS Octopus vindaye White Beans with parsley and thyme marinade, eggplant salad Fish stew marinated in creole sauce Mixed salad, tomato chutney Mauritian fried noodles Chicken or beef, diced vegetables mixed in fresh noodles Mauritian fried rice Chicken or beef, diced vegetables and White rice SOUP Chicken and shrimp curry Tomato and chilly chutney Beef stew cooked in tomato sautΓ© Etoufee chou-chou, chilly and lemon peel mix Spicy deer curry Mixed salad, tomato chutney (Additional fee of Rs 300 per person) Crab soup with oriental herbs Mix seafood soup with essential herbs Meefoon soup with chicken or beef Fish soup served with crouton bread Chicken briani Carrot and cucumber calad, cweet chilly chutney Coconut milk chicken curry Mix salad, chilly and lemon peel mix Mauritian pilaut (meat, Creole pork Sausages, bacon) Tomato and chilly chutney Roast chicken cooked with green pepper and mushrooms Rice Salad, black olives and parsley sauce Bol renverse (Magic bowl β€” beef or chicken) Mixed veg, sunny side up eggs, rice & tomato chutney DESSERT Coconut pancake Flamed pineapple or banana with rum Fresh fruit salad Coconut flan * * * * Prices are for 4 guests, including desert Reservations should be made at least 24 hrs before Soups at additional Rs 300 per person Menu creation a ́Α•ΘΑΙ•™•Ι•Ή•Μ) ‘₯­•ΈΝ…±΅₯Μ$$$$$)5ΥΝ‘Ι½½΄°Ι••ΈΝ…±…€˜½Ή₯½ΈΙ₯”)₯Ν Ω₯Ή‘…ε”$$$$$)]‘₯Ρ”Ι₯”°‰±…¬±•ΉΡ₯±Μ€˜Ν…ΥΣ₯”Ω••Ρ…‰±•Μ(ΔΔ