Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 96

TRAVEL This page: Launching off stairs with Hollywood in the background. Opposite, clockwise from top: The Backbone Trails; Catalina. and bears we had to keep an eye out for poison oak plants. If allergic, as I am, touching its leaves or branches will result in a nasty rash that itches for days to the point of insanity. The trails can be technical and exposed at sections, like the 24m waterfall traverse, where a mistake can have fatal consequences. We spent the night in Pasadena from where we started stage 2 the next morning, on e-bikes (class 1) towards Downtown. Missy and I were joined by Timmy C and Tony Z, a friend of mine from Laguna who inspired the urban stages of this trip and has an incredible knowledge of all the neighbourhoods, parks, river deltas, staircases and shortcuts. It took a lot of research to find all these unique routes, tucked away neighbourhoods, quirky buildings and hidden sections of trails in between. 96 | MTB | bucket list busting For experiencing the contrasts of rich and poor, nature and urban development, history and culture, the e-bike was the perfect vehicle. Don’t be mistaken, just because we had some pedal assist didn’t mean we didn’t get a workout. We climbed over 1 200m that day including some really steep riding for over 25 years. He takes his bike with him on tour when he travels with his bands, he has done the Leadville 100 and Race Across America, and one year he clocked over 304 000 vertical metres on Strava. What he really likes are the technical challenges, especially climbs. Certain sections he would try over and “WE COULDN’T RESIST … LEAVING SOME SKID-MARKS ON ‘SKID ROW’.” “widow maker” climbs and staircases. Timmy launched a stair gap right at the beginning of our ride at the City Hall, not a place to crash for a guy who makes his living playing guitar. But no worries, he pulled it off and I was glad I didn’t have to report to his band mates that their tour would be cancelled. Timmy is a very experienced mountain biker and has been over again until he’d succeed without putting his foot down. He has also developed a big interest in e-bikes over the past years. Just like myself, we don’t feel that e-bikes will replace regular mountain bikes, we think there is a time and place for both. The electric assist motor offers a lot of new and unique ways to experience riding and creates new options