Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 95

We had a support vehicle, courtesy of Stans, that made it easy for us to negotiate this urban jungle that is home to 12 million people and even more cars, 88 independent cities and nationals from 140 different countries. Less than 150 years ago most of the city was wild nature, just as some of the surrounding areas still look like today. Much of Hollywood used to be orange groves until some of the biggest oil fields in the world were discovered and the movie industry moved to Tinseltown. During our five stages, a few more friends joined from time to time, as well as photographer Bill Freeman and videographer Cedric Tassan (VTOPO). One of my all-time favourite rides has always been Chantry Flats near Mount Wilson, and to ride there with Missy was special. Especially since she has hardly been around the bike scene or actually on a bike in the past 10-15 years, since her retirement from downhill racing. The former World Champ and World Cup winner still has the same go-for-it style and attitude on or off the bike. As she doesn’t even own her own bike at the moment, I was happy to supply her with some of mine during this trip. We had an incredible view from our starting point at the Mount Wilson Observatory across the entire city all the way to Catalina Island where we would finish our traverse. Right behind us, looking over our shoulders, was not a single structure in sight as far the eye could see, only nature. Beautiful forests, canyons, mountain ridges, rivers, waterfalls and wildlife separate La La Land and the desert. It’s easy to get lost in these mountains; the single tracks are world-class and often technical. Besides snakes bucket list busting | MTB | 95