Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 91

PEOPLE | RIDERS WE LIKE this year and it is an absolute pleasure to have Cherise Stander, with her experience and enthusiasm, on board. This year, I’ve been blessed to act as one of the Specialized Brand Ambassadors. They have recognised the growth in ladies’ cycling through Trail Angels and are spending a lot more of their energy on lifestyle cycling. I ride the Specialized Camber, which makes my job an absolute pleasure. I feel safe and brave on it – tackling difficult single tracks has become relatively easy! I also have the privilege of owning and riding an e-bike. My Specialized Levo 650B Fattie is an incredible piece of tech. It is so great to ride and use for coaching purposes – allowing me to ride in amongst the group, to drop to the back and shoot to the front, giving every single lady personal attention. It’s a lifesaver that allows me to run my business seven days a week, even when I’m tired. We also use it within the group for ladies recovering from illness or injury. So if you’re all about being outdoors, pushing the limits, and kicking ass while still being fiercely feminine, then come and join Trail Angels. Visit LISA GOODE The Trail Angels group leader has found her calling… “I started mountain biking about six years ago. During a Pilates class with Nikki one day, she found out I had a bike and suggested I join her for a ride. It was the day my life changed forever. Nikki called me to find out where I was, and actually rode with the group to come and fetch me. I had no cycling kit and didn’t plan on it being a long-term thing, so I squeezed into my son’s kit. It was never the same again! I also wore Skechers shoes. I must have looked hysterical. I was petrified and super unfit but Nikki made me feel like I could do it, and so my confidence grew. I loved it so much that I couldn’t help but go to the next session, and the next, and the next. These days I’m on my bike three or four days a week, helping Nikki by teaching the beginner ladies. I have plenty of Nikki and Lisa doing what they do best – leading rides and loving life patience and love meeting new people and helping them build their confidence. I read up a lot on technique and skills and spend loads of time trying to perfect my own. Being a leader is understanding that not every one wants to be able to ride rocks downhill or single tracks like a pro. Some ladies want to get fit, some just want to be social and others want to race. It’s never tiring or boring. Many ladies who started with me are now entering stage races and it’s very rewarding seeing them grow. This year I decided to tick a box and agreed to partner up for my first 3-day stage tour, Sani2c. So now I’m on my bike about six days a week to get the training in.” CAROLINE KROG sure is glad she didn’t sell her bike! “In July last year, I’d reached a crossroads – sell or ride my bike. I enjoyed cycling with my husband, but wanted to have fun with him as my cycling partner and not my teacher, so I Googled ladies MTB groups, and Trail Angels popped up. Wracked with nerves, I joined a ride the next day. I didn’t know anyone and was terrified of being left behind in a cloud of dust. My fears were unfounded. This is a group of amazing, supportive and friendly women. It’s exciting to put my newlylearnt skills into action on the trails with the girls each week. We constantly learn from each other. I have spent more time in nature in the last eight months, than in the last eight years! My confidence as a cyclist and a woman continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Completing the Cape Town Cycle Tour this year is something I didn’t think I could have achieved… and I did it on my MTB! Pushing myself out of my comfort zone has taught me more about myself as a person than I expected. Sometimes you have a great day and sometimes you don’t. The key is to keep moving forward, just like your bike.” PAM BARR is addicted to the feeling of the wind in her face “I joined Trail Angels three years ago. I was unfit, overweight and a complete novice but keen to get out of my comfort zone. I spent time with the beginner group, learning basic skills, and very quickly realised that this was an incredible group of women. I was encouraged, supported and felt no judgment and very soon became hooked. Each time I fell off my bike (it happened regularly!) there were supportive ladies encouraging me to get back on and keep going. Trail Angels took me on rides to the top of mountains I never even knew existed, and my sense of adventure grew. I started entering shorter races and found myself loving the freedom, open spaces and adrenaline. I’m completely addicted to racing down mountains and seeing the world from a different perspective. Every rock, mountain, single track and bridge became an obstacle I was determined to overcome. I’ve been lucky enough to ride Sani2C, W2W, Attakwas and many more. I can’t imagine my life without my mountain bike, it’s my ticket to adventure, fun, friendship and happiness.” mtb angels | MTB | 91 PEOPLE | RIDERS WE LIKE this year and it is an absolute pleasure to have Cherise Stander, with her experience and enthusiasm, on board. This year, I’ve been blessed to act as one of the Specialized Brand Ambassadors. They have recognised the growth in ladies’ cycling through Trail A )ɔЁɔ)ѡȁɝ䁽屔危)$ɥѡM镐 Ȱ)ݡ́䁩ͽє)ɔ$ͅɅٔ)ЃLхձЁͥɅ)́ɕѥٕ䁕)$ͼٔѡɥ٥)ݹɥ5)M镐1ټѥ)ɕѕ%)́ͼɕЁѼɥ͔)͕̃Lݥ)ѼɥЁѡɽ)ѼɽѼѡ͡)Ѽѡɽа٥ٕͥ)ͽѕѥ%ӊé)ٕͅȁѡЁ́Ѽո)䁉͕ٕͥ́́ݕ)ٕݡ'eѥɕ]ͼ)͔Ёݥѡѡɽȁ)ɕٕɥɽ́ȁ)M׊eɔЁ)ё̰͡ѡ̰)́ݡѥ)ɍ䁙ѡ)QɅ̸)YͥЁɅ̹)1%M==)QQɅ́ɽ)́չȁ+q$хѕչх)Ёͥ啅́ɥ)Aѕ́́ݥѠ9)䰁͡չЁ$)՝ѕ$ȁ)ɥ%Ё݅́ѡ䁵䁱)ɕٕȸ9)ѼЁݡɔ$̰݅)ՅɽݥѠѡɽѼ)э$)危ЁeЁ)Ёѕɴѡͼ)$Օ镐Ѽͽéи%)ٕ݅́ȁѡͅ$ͼ)ݽɔḾ̸͡$)ٔѕɥ$݅)ɥȁչЁ)9$ձ)аͼ䁍)ɕܸ$ٕЁͼՍѡ)$ձeЁЁѼѡ)Ё͕ͥѡа)ѡиQ͔́'e)ѡɕȁȁ́ݕ)9ѕѡ)ȁ̸$ٔ䁽)91̈́)ݡЁѡ䁑ЃL)ɥ)٥)ѥٔѥ)ѡե)ѡȁ$ɕ)ЁѕՔͭ́)́ѥ她Ѽ)əЁ䁽ݸ )́չхѡЁЁٕ)݅́ѼѼɥ)ɽ́ݹȁͥɅ)ɼḾ݅ЁѼ)ЁаͽЁ݅ЁѼ)ͽѡ́݅ЁѼɅ)%ӊéٕȁѥɥȁɥ5)́ݡхѕݥѠɔ)܁ѕɥхɅ́)ӊéٕɕ݅ɑ͕ѡ)ɽܸQ́啅ȁ$Ѽѥ)ɕѼѹȁ)ȁ䁙Ѐ̵хѽȰ)MɌM܁'e䁉)Ёͥ́ݕѼЁѡ)Ʌt) I=1%9-I=)ɔ́͡eЁ͕)ȁ+q%)ձ䁱Ё啅Ȱ'eɕ)ɽɽ̃L͕ȁɥ)$啐危ݥѠ)͉Ё݅ѕѼٔ)ոݥѠ́䁍危)ѹȁЁѕȰͼ)$́5Qɽ̰)QɅ́)]ɅݥѠٕ̰$)ɥѡЁ丁$eЁ)役݅́ѕɥ)ЁՐ)и5䁙́ݕɔչչ)Q́́ɽ饹)ѥٔɥݽ)%ӊé፥ѥѼЁ䁹ݱ)ɹЁͭ́Ѽѥѡ)Ʌ́ݥѠѡɱ́ݕ)]хѱ䁱ɸɽ)ѡȸ$ٔЁɔѥ)ɔѡЁЁѡ̰)ѡѡЁЁ啅̄5)́危Ё)ݽѥՕ́Ѽɽ܁)́չ̸ ѥ)ѡ Qݸ 危Qȁѡ)啅ȁ́ͽѡ$eЁѡ)$ձٕٔ)$Ё5QA͡)͕Ё䁍Ё齹)́х՝Ёɔ)͕́ͽѡ)$ѕMѥ́ԁٔ)ɕЁ䁅ͽѥ́)eиQ䁥́Ѽ٥)݅ɐЁȁt)A4 IH)́ѕѼѡ)ѡݥȁ+q$QɅ́ѡɕ啅)$݅́չаٕݕЁ)є٥ЁѼ)ЁЁ䁍Ё齹$)ЁѥݥѠѡ)ɽɹ̰ͥͭ)ٕեɕ͕ѡ)ѡ́݅́ɕɽ)ݽ$݅́Ʌ)ѕЁՑ)ٕͽ)ѥ$䁉)ɕձɱ䄤ѡɔݕɔ)ѥٔ́Ʌ)ѼЁ)QɅ́ѽ)ɥ́Ѽѡѽչх)$ٕȁٕ܁ѕ)͕͔ٕɔɕܸ)$хѕѕɥ͡ѕȁɅ)չ͕٥ѡ)ɕ́)ɕ'eѕ)ѕѼɅݸ)չх͕́ѡݽɱ)ɽɕЁѥٔ)ٕɽչхͥ)Ʌɥ)х$݅́ѕɵ)Ѽٕɍ'eٔՍ)՝ѼɥM \\)х݅́䁵ɔ)$eЁ䁱ݥѡ)䁵չхӊéѥ)Ѽٕɔոɥ͡)̻t)ш́5Q