Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 89

General feel Other comments Sticky solid feel. Low profile knobs allow for low rolling resistance while the plump, rounded profile inspires confidence on rocky downhills. Great feel thanks to the 120 TPI. Fantastic back tyre. Very solid feel. Side knobs well placed, offer great support on a 27mm rim. Great value and not the weight penalty that was expected. Very sticky rubber. Sidewalls feel good. Centre line of blocks makes for low rolling resistance. Good value for a strong marathon option. This sidewall allows you to run lower pressures than what’s possible with super light tyres, providing greater stability and less sidewall squirm. Lots of small knobs run at a lower pressure means better than expected traction. Great rear marathon race tyre option. Tester came straight off the 2.8s, some felt a little nervous on the narrower tyres but these proved super predictable and produced no surprises even in the wet. Sidewalls felt slippery when rubbing up against rocks. Not sure if this is a good thing or not. The 180/240 TPI casing results in a slightly hard feel to the tyre. Once seated it produces a nice round profile. Works well as a rear tyre in combination with the Cross King II. Similar feelings to the Cross King – tyre feels hard and is nicely rounded once seated. Maybe the surprise of the testing. This thing just sticks, no matter how hard you push. A definite choice for tough, rocky marathon riding. Solid feel. A pleasure to seat. All the key info easy to read and understand on the packaging. Fantastic front tyre. Well-placed side tread. Perhaps a little on the heavy side. Ideally to be run on UST rim to offset some of the weight penalty. Lightweight with mininal tread, easy to seat. Works well at lower pressures. A great rear tyre for a gravel-grinding session. Tried and tested tread pattern. The regular choice for pro teams on the Cape Epic. A go-to for marathon rides. Seats with a bomb-pump on a 23mm rim. You’ll need to use a compressor for a 27mm rim. Can’t feel any significant difference with the Speed version. We suspect it’ll become more evident over a longer time period with the wear rate. You can seat the 23mm rim with a bomb-pump and the 27mm rim with a compressor. Brilliant choice for marathon rides. Tread pattern is fail safe. The front tyre is ideal for marathon racing. A tackier feel to the rubber but can’t feel the fifference with the Speed version when riding, although it must be there. Great front tyre for marathon. The entire Performance range offers the same great tread patterns at a slight weight penalty. A few more PSI for the side wall support is needed. Generally need a few more PSI to get the side wall support. Side wall support requires a few more PSI. Massive tyre with massive knobs running in four straight lines. Very sticky and soft rubber. Will be interested to see how well it lasts. Confidence inspiring and rips on rocky trails up or down. Has a tendency to pick up the odd st