Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 79

seems totally organised, Graubünden isn’t Disneyland. It’s authentic, untouched nature. Every trail can be taken on foot or on a mountain bike, offering endless possibilities to visitors from all over the world. Free ride enthusiasts like us never had it so good on the hunt for treasures deep in the Swiss Alps. DIZZYING DAVOS We want to ride as many endless trails as possible and we are told that the next bike destination in Graubünden hosts one of the most famous and longest trails in the world: the “Alps Epic Trail Davos” – a trail in Davos, Klosters. Davos has an altitude of over 1 500m, the highest elevation of any city in Europe. The German-speaking region has spectacular single track to offer and we are ready for the most epic one – all 45km of it. We take the first lift up to Jakobshorn where we’re welcomed by the first of the day’s warm and golden sun beams, lighting up all the peaks around us. I could get used to these 360 majestic degrees for breakfast. Our legs have recovered from the Scuol adventure and we are ready to enjoy this beautiful beast. High expectations are quickly matched by reality head on, as the first few kilometres of trail escort us through some of the most impressive terrain I’ve ever ridden. After a few turns Richie asks me to ride a section close together for a 360° video. I’m glad he’s riding behind me, otherwise it would be hard not to laugh at his “teletubbie- esque” camera decorating the top of his helmet. “Alps Epic Trail Davos” is a super technical tour with rocks large and small and everything in between. I try to ride it like a giant pump track but of course it isn’t easy to keep smooth legs and arms for long. And, dang, there it goes again: my third flat in three days. In my defence, I’m not usually one for punctures. Then again, I do find myself getting easily distracted here; the struggle to keep eyes on the trail is real! This is the only downside of these epic views. The scenery changes dramatically with every other turn as we make our way down into the valley. Ale finds one great angle after another and we don’t mind riding a couple of sections twice or three times as we love the shape of these super fun high berms. Together with our guide, Michi Wild, we decide to leave out a bit of the climb and take another gondola bucket list busting | MTB | 79