Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 76

BUCKET LIST Graubunden ver an excessively stacked Swiss cheese platter the night before at the Hotel Belvédère in Scuol, it dawned on Richie Schley, Ale Di Lullo and myself that the last time the three of us actually did something together was a terrifying 10-year leap into the past. I was in Trentino for one of my first 4X World Championships when we did a photo shoot. Back then, Richie taught me how to do “this thing with the photos” and look my best on two wheels. Since then I have been trying hard to “Schley” my turns like the master himself. Our paths have crossed every now and again since and it seems pretty crazy that it has taken so long to find an opportunity to ride together again. As Richie and I were 76 | MTB | bucket list busting both more or less in the region, we literally jumped at the opportunity to get some good riding in after the World Cup in Lenzerheide. We had a great laugh over a hearty and much too expensive bottle of red. Now, panting hard on the trail, I wish I’d had one glass less… I’m surprised to realise that I can still manage to appreciate the beauty of the unrivalled high-alpine views around me. This is roughly how it must feel to be an astronaut on the moon. The lunar landscape at this altitude doesn’t even bear a lonely tree, nor a welcoming mountain hut. Not to mention a single living soul. Just one little ant, barely visible through the sheeting drizzle. I can just about make out that this almost microscopic speck is our photographer Ale and I would bet most of my life savings on the fact that he is swearing in Italian right now. However tiny he may seem, I can still sense his extravagant Mediterranean impulsiveness towards the unexpected, snarling beast this so called “trail ride” has become. Wow, does he need an espresso?! I could certainly do with one. Richie, meanwhile, is already standing triumphantly at the top, right on the border between Austria and Switzerland, busy taking care of his Instagram. To be fair, this is an adventure too good not to ’gram! SCHOOLED IN SCUOL Scuol is way off. The small town in the very east of Switzerland is our base camp for the first two days of a three-day trip, before we head to Davos for a point-to-point trail ride to