Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 64

RACE REVIEW | Kingdom Enduro where I took the wrong turn and cruised to the finish. This run was fittingly described as, “Hard on the body and easy on the soul.” After the lunch stop followed a physically hard 60-minute hike-a-bike section to the last stage called Love It. As steep as the uphill was, the downhill was coupled with tight switchbacks. At some point the trail turned flowy over black and red earth, loose rocks and sandstone slabs. Pedalling back to Roma Trade Post we passed a remote village and while watching the commotion along the road I felt a great sense of accomplishment. After a long day adventuring through the mountains, pushing my skills beyond what I believed was possible, there was nowhere else I wanted to be right at that moment. I felt blissfully alive and wanted to freeze time. We were greeted with heavy rainfall, thunder and lightning the next morning. Safety 64 | MTB | slaying the downhill took priority and racing was called off. Later, the clouds cleared for about three hours and some of us used the opportunity to experience the hardest trail of the race called Freefall, and two more trails, before torrential rain caught up again. The Kingdom Enduro promised a kickass adventure and delivered just that. It was an incredible, unique experience that gets under your skin. Mesmerising scenery, raw and unspoilt riding terrain, and wonderful hospitality with a unique Lesothan touch made the event a must-do for any skilled rider.