Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 63

Kingdom Enduro | RACE REVIEW a few punches that brought the heart rate right up to its max. I had my first sidewall cut which saw me run for about 800m to the end with the bike on my shoulders. From here we were shuttled back to Bushmen’s Pass and entered the next run, rather steep and tight with some interesting rock drops. The trail tail led through bush tunnels that were fast and flowy and saw me running again with the bike on my back due to sidewall cut number two! Transitioning to stage three included a very steep hike-a- bike up to the top of a ridge to the next stage XXX. It started with a very impressive ridge ride before dropping into loose and rocky terrain. I lost my way not seeing the tape to turn and ended up in small village before I traced my way back slaying the downhill | MTB | 63