Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 57

You must have some great stories and memories… MG: One year Per got a bee in his bonnet that we had to ride on single speed hardtails with rigid forks. This was an opportunity (so he said) to avoid the time-consuming gear issues and maintenance one frequently experiences during a 3-day race. I went along with his plan with more than a little trepidation. It was all fun and games until Per broke his seat post 40km from the fi nish on Day 3. I made him ride the rest of the way without a saddle, and he did it! PL: At my fi rst sani in 2006, the fi rst day was wet, muddy and cold – so my debut experience at stage racing was ride a few metres, stop, remove the mud from your tyres, ride a few more metres, repeat. All the riders were in the same boat. We fi nished the stage and many guys packed up and went home. We stayed, showered, got warm and rode the next day and it was amazing. I had to change my BB and cranks that year after Day 1. Favourite sani sections, besides the Umko drop? MG: Twin Oaks and the drop-in into Fisherman’s Trail. PL: I like Day 3, I think it’s the day when we ride the best. We usually try and stick with the front bunch until we drop into the Umko valley. If not, we don’t stress. The dusty downhill on the start of Day 2 can be quite hectic, and everybody is hustling for good positions before they drop in. There are so many diff erent sections that are fun and enjoyable. Farmer Glen has done a wonderful job over the years. Which years are most memorable? MG: 2008, it was freezing cold and wet. We sat inside Per’s car for most of the day with the heater on. PL: Each year is diff erent and I suppose you remember the wet and cold years the most. A hard day on the bike beats any day in the offi ce! What keeps you coming back? MG: It’s become an annual pilgrimage away from the stresses of work. Outstanding trails and post-ride banter between friends, old and new. PL: Four days away from my cellphone, and riding unreal trails on my bike with like-minded people. BLACK MAMBAS In 2014 we celebrated the 10th birthday of sani2c – and the fact that almost 20 riders had participated in every 10 events. The Black Mambas club was established to honour these stalwarts. Every year, more riders join the club as they ride their 10th sani2c. It is an achievement they are proud of and they wear their commemorative jackets with pride. We appreciate the loyal support of these true mountain bikers, and we salute them all. 2014 BLACK MAMBAS Duncan Arnott Lloyd Barker Roy Cackett Steve Christy George de Beer Willem Adriaan Fourie Frank Kenneth Gibbon Mathew Goetsch Colin Goosen Mike Harker Paul Kapelus Melt Loubser Grant Macpherson Vaughan Morrissey Flavio Scarpa Alan Snelling Karin Stoll Douglas Tatham Nicolaas Johannes Wessels Gavin Wood 2015 BLACK MAMBAS Rhett Barker Duncan Charlton Sean Dane Leigh Durham John Foord Glenn Johnson Per Lofstrand Gareth Ochse Daniel Otto Willem Pienaar Axel Poser Michael Potgieter Frans Te Groen 2016 BLACK MAMBAS Rod Cairns Mike Church Freek Coetzee Tony Cole John Coutinho Douglas Crayston Anton Gaylard Ivin Greyling Chris Harburn Brett Hardie Willem Herselman James Little Berend Maarsingh Dirk Maarsingh Anthis Maouris John Mohaud Corne Meier Paul Melville Roelof Meyer Marthinus Muller Neil Ratcliff e Donald Rogan Roelof van Huyssteen David Walsh Rob Williams Graham Wood David Buckingham Jacques Kleynhans Laurence Haw Mark Cotterrell Martin Short Nicholas Shave 2017 BLACK MAMBAS Allan Maher Andrew Carle Andrew Wilson Brad Barker Brett Atkins Caroline Woollam Christopher Mark Gill David Hewer Frits Eloff ’s Gus Uys Henry Windell Herman Botha Iain Lindsay Jacques Kleynhans Johan Van Der Watt Laurin Mingay Leon Coetzee Mark Atkins Mark Dorfl ing Mike Flood Neil Petersen Nic Davies Nigel Thorpe Paul Tyler Penelope Bobbert Peter Kirkland Philip-ben Kotze Pieter Prinsloo Plewman Meintjes Rory Attridge Sander Silvis Sandy Rae Tim Blewett Wimpie Le Roux Zhann Meyer JOINING IN 2018 Dirk Barnard Steve Becker Theo Johan Bezuidenhout Stuart Borchers Louis Broodryk Andre Broodryk Glen Calenborne Bridgit Clemmow Thomas Colley Leon de Fleuriot Marnix De Lorm Pa ul de Muelenaere Raymond Deftereos Brett Donaldson Barry Duff Simon Francis Peter Furneau Patrick Furniss John Gibson David Ives David Jenkins Craig Jones Kevin Kirby Fairbairn Kriel Scott Lavery Leslie Lee Tony Lochner Colin Lombard Craig Lorden Clynt Lund Beth McLeod Louw Middel Grant Parsons Chris Rabie Lodewyk Johannes Vosloo Rabie Robert Saunders Shane Schreiber Brad Scrooby Riaan Senekal Jan-Hendrik Stander Jonathan Tapson David Tapson Tex Turton Anita Turton Grant Van Der Wal Rudolf Karl Van Der Westhuysen Rynan Watson Barry Watson Timothy Watson Robert Watts Guy Williams Frits Kamoot Mark Langman Gary Gordon Brenda Potts more than just a ride | MTB | 57