Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 155

BATCH START TIMES the batch pounds. The Super Group truck taking bike boxes and other items directly to the fi nish in Scottburgh will also be positioned here. Riders need to be race ready, with bottles and GPS units. Riders will need to load their boxes and can then help themselves to the complimentary Food Lovers Market breakfast at Glencairn Farm. Your supporters are welcome to join you for a complementary breakfast. This system will run from 7am to 10am on the mornings of each start date. Please ask drivers to be aware of cyclists on this section as it forms part of the neutral zone at the fi rst 3km of the Day 1 route. Please aim to be dropped off at least 40 minutes prior to your start time so you have enough time for breakfast and to check in to your batch pound, situated just before the start line. BATCH STARTS AND SEEDING In an eff ort to reduce congestion on the race route, we will be seeding all teams for the start each day. Seeding for Day 1 will be based on recent events and/or your last sani2c results. Seeding for Day 2 and Day 3 will be based on your overall position. BATCHES Day 1: Batches of 50 teams will leave at 10-minute intervals on Day 1, with Batch A starting at 8am. Day 2: Batches A-V will consist of 25 teams each and will leave at 5-minute intervals. Batches W-Z will consist of 50 teams each and will leave at 10-minute intervals. Batch A will start at fi rst light. Day 3: All 50-team batches (in non-Race events) will leave at 10-minute interva