Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 151

MORE THAN JUST A RIDE The model for sani2c has always been to provide riders with a near-perfect experience, as well as to benefi t the area and its people. Here are some of the community stories… BEADING MEMENTOS Hlanganani Ngothando Organisation have been making the now famous bike bracelets from the get go. The home is a daycare and weekly residential facility for disabled children and young adults in Bulwer, not far off the sani2c route. They have been hard at work making your bracelets and would like to thank the sani2c team and riders for allowing them once again to get some funds back to unemployed and disabled people in the community. When you get your beaded bracelet at the start of Day 2, cherish it. A lot of love, time and care has gone into it. Remember the hands behind your gift and let this motivate you on your way to Jolivet. SOSIBA’S LEGACY Lynford is a small independent school that serves the greater Ixopo community, and sani2c was started as a fundraising event for this school, when Farmer Glen was a parent on the school board at the time. Petro Sosiba has been part of Farmer Glen’s team since arriving to help with installing a fence at Lynford School nearly 20 years ago. Petro was born and raised in the Umkomaas Valley and he rightfully went from a fencer working at the school to Farmer Glen’s right hand man, due to the initiative, commitment and passion he showed for his work. Many of the now infamous sections down the Umko Drop, such as Yankee’s Doodle, Murray’s Meander, Nicks Pass and Sosiba’s Section, were scouted with Petro’s help and knowledge of the various paths in the valley. He now leads the building and development team. This year, Petro’s son Aphelele started Grade 1 at Lynford School, where he is currently on a sani2c bursary – an amazing example of how sani2c supports its communities. HAPPY ANIMALS Thanks to the generous donations from sani2c and all the riders and supporters, Rural Animal Welfare (RAW) are able to hold more Spayathons in the rural areas in and around Mackenzie, Ixopo and Jolivet, benefi tting many needy dogs and cats. To date, RAW have been successful in sterilising 438 animals and administering 1 150 inoculations, plus they’ve been able to educate the locals on health and animal care. Their awesome team is made up of vets, Com-Serve students and enthusiastic volunteers, with the support of the state vet. Visit Rural Animal Welfare on Facebook for more news. sani2c | MTB | 151