Mountain Bike Magazine SANI - Autumn 2018 - Page 114

Surviving the Munga will update intro on layout Jane Horton started mountain biking three years ago, riding on weekends with her husband. She began to love it more and more, and had only ever done one race in 2016, when she decided to take on the 1 000km single stage mountain bike race. AFTER A YEAR OF INDOOR training with my coach Robbie Macintosh, and back-to- back weekend rides with my husband Gavin, the day felt like it would never arrive. But then, there it was: 29 November. The day of The Munga. 114 | MTB | warrior woman RACE VILLAGE 1 BLOEMFONTEIN TO VANDERKLOOF DAM The parking lot outside the Windmill Hotel in Bloemfontein was fi lled with nerves. I could taste it, feel it, touch it. It was horrible. So I tried to make light of the situation. Bumping into some familiar faces helped. I could see a few international warriors warming up in the parking lot and thought, “Why? They’ve got 1 074km to warm up.” I passed Mike Woulnough and said, “Give me the most valuable advice you can think of.” He looked directly at me and replied, “Don’t quit. Whatever you do, don’t quit.” The countdown began and off we went. The weather was very pleasant. I thought if it stays like this then that’s not too bad. And then, in an instant, everything changed. The sky grew dark, a wind came from the side that was blowing me sideway, and a sandstorm came from nowhere. “Just ride, Jane. Surviving