Motorcycle Explorer Issue 17 - Page 90

Feature: that's your business

Riding is ridiculous fun. But knowing where to ride isn’t always that easy: while there are lots of destination suggestions, ride reports and detailed travelers’ blogs out there, what if you just want to download a GPS file and go?

‘This question has been on my mind for quite some time now. All those adventure riding blogs and forums out there are great for inspiration. But very often, I’d read a post or a discussion about a particular ADV ride and wonder, how cool would it be if I could just download a track without having to research the maps first? Simply find a destination or a route that I wanted to ride, and get the GPX file of that exact same ride without fuss. And that’s exactly why ADV Tracks was born’, - says Gediminas Cicinskas, co-founder of ADV Tracks.

‘We talked the idea over with my brother, and decided to make it even better: create an online GPX base which would also serve as a social media platform for adventure riders. That way, you could either simply share GPX files or also upload photos, videos and ride reports. In addition to that, members of the ADV Tracks platform can chat with one another on instant messenger, keep up to date with the newest tracks, and follow each other’s journeys. It’s like ADV Rider meets Facebook…only better!’.

How does it work? The registration (also available via Facebook) takes less than forty seconds. Once the user is registered, he or she then creates a profile and can start browsing and downloading GPS files of both on and off - road tracks from anywhere in the world.