Motorcycle Explorer Issue 17 - Page 78

Review: SBV toolkit £225

With a suggested retail price of around £255 this is not a cheap toolkit by any stretch of the imagination. Having said that, a lesser toolkit advertised by KTM at last year’s NEC bike show was on display for £180, but even so the average bike rider would have to think long and hard about buying this or any comparable kit. My old Dad used to say “only buy quality and only buy what you can afford, and if you can’t afford it, save up”. The problem is that most people who have around £250 to spend on tools are going to be people who have been alive a fair few years and the law of averages suggest that they would already have some of these tools in their garages already. As nice as a toolkit set is, if I had the majority of these items (spanners and sockets) in by garage, why would I buy them again? It’s a hard one.

The SBV toolkit is a great set of tools and there would be very little else you would need to take on your large trip. With the series of tools in the kit, you could do any and all roadside repairs needed and even some of more advanced work if you know how to do those tasks. The kit is lightweight with a strong quality feel to it. Coupled with SBVs lifetime guarantee, it’s a superb kit, just unfortunately priced too high.