Motorcycle Explorer Issue 17 - Page 77

The kit comes with some oddities

There is an extendable LED torch with a magnetic on the end of it. I am not sure if the magnetic is supposed to allow the light to be fixed to part of the bike to allow your hands to be used to do the work, or if the magnetic is there in order to pick up lost items? If it’s the former, then the magnet is not strong enough when the light is extended. If it’s the latter, then the magnet is on the wrong end as I tend to lose my nuts and bolts in dark places where I need a light to see where they have gone;

A handy pencil style air pressure gauge is included. These gauges I find to be the most accurate;

A handful of zip ties. I consider these to be space filler, nothing more;

Front axle multi-sized tool. This is a lightweight handy adaptor which fits in to the front axle to allow a ratchet or spanner to be used to remove it;

BMW Coil Remover. This little gizmo allows the easy and safe removal of the BMW coil from the cylinder heads. Sure, you could prize the coils out carefully with a large screwdriver but the risk of damage would be reduced to zero by using this supplied tool;

There is a supplied socketed screwdriver in the kit which takes ¼ inch socketed adaptors to use the 20 or so supplied bits. The screwdriver has the added advantage of a ¼ socket at the top of the handle so the Turbo Z or ratchet (using the correct adaptor) can be used to apply more force if required;

A handy pair of spark plug removal tools covering pretty much all sizes of spark plugs out in the field;

A basic pair of pliars are included in the set and along with the standard grip and cable cutting functionality, a dedicated crimping function is also included.