Motorcycle Explorer Issue 17 - Page 76

Review: SBV toolkit £225

The tools appear to be made of high-quality material and manufactured using either CNC or cold-forged methods. The tools themselves in their component parts feel very lightweight, yet don’t provide any worries regarding strength. The main tool in any toolkit is often the ratchet drive, and within the SBV kit the 3/8s ratchet feel like a quality item and unlike most ratchets on the market, the head rotates on twin axis’ to allow an almost infinite number of angles that the tool can reach. The sockets supplied in the kit come in two sizes: some sockets are ¼ inch sized and others are 3/8inch sized – adaptor sockets are also included. One of the interesting functions of the SBV tools is their “Poplock” function – which is to say that the socket is simply pushed on to the tool but in order to release, a button needs to be depressed. This means that for those awkward times when you can just about put a socket in to its desired located using your fingers, you can then push the ratchet or extension bar on to the fitted socket whilst it’s in situ rather than trying to line up the entire assembled and often failing to get the socket seated. It is also worth noting that the sockets are MIT which means the sockets will work in “Metric, Inch and Torx” situations. Using the socket was a joy: the ratchets fine mechanism meant that I wasn’t forever having to reposition to the tool in order to get meaningful purchase; the multidirectional ratchet head was also an incredibly useful function to have; if I had one negative comment to make about the ratchet, it was the handle. Its smooth finish made gripping the tool a challenge once grease got on to my hands. If the handle had a knurled finished, then the grip would have been stronger and the tool would literally be perfect.

To accompany the 3/8 inch ratchet, SBV have included a ¼ inch tool referred to a “Turbo Z”. If you consider this to be a small ¼ inch multi angled allen key, you won’t be far off the mark. It’s true to say that I found this particular tool to be slightly awkward to use, but then I am not the subtlest of guys when it comes to tool operation.

The spanners which have been included in the kit are of good quality and feel lightweight yet strong. I am not sure if I would need all of them when I was on the road, but it would be no bother to prune the array of spanners down to what I actually needed for a trip. The BMW focussed kit also included a 19 and 21 sized spanner which is also useful.