Motorcycle Explorer Issue 17 - Page 70

Feature: off-road training in scotland

Clive runs a mix of AJP and SWM (I'd never heard of the Italian brand but I'm looking now!) bikes that range from 125cc to 300cc, a great choice as our team’s height profile ran from 6’2” to about 5’ ziltch and everyone had a bike that suited them.

I’ve not gone into too much detail about what Clive teaches you because you are being taught by an expert and I can’t reproduce that here, I also feel it would be dangerous to do so. Clive runs small groups that he spends a lot of time doing personal one to one sessions with.

Level 2, that includes level 1 on the first day runs at £459 (check site for prices) and will provide you with the following invaluable skills in my opinion:

• Trail/dual purpose motorbike hire

• Fuel

• Clothing and safety kit (as described in our Frequently

. Asked Questions section)

• Safety briefing and expert tuition from A.C.U. qualified


• Road risk insurance

• Accompanied access to 50,000 acres of stunning


• Lunch and all snacks & refreshments

• Certificate of completion

• Low coach to rider ratio for more personal attention

You will learn: -

• Off-road motorcycle controls and familiarity

• The basics of handling an off-road motorcycle

• How to pick up a dropped bike safely

• The correct riding position

• Where to look/vision

• Clutch control

• Slow speed manoeuvres

• Riding while standing on the footpegs

• Steering using foot pegs

• Cornering

• Slalom steering

• Understanding the correct braking for the varying

track & trail surfaces (mud, grass, water, moss, loose

gravel, etc.)

• Rear brake slide control and recovery

• Front brake slide control and recovery

• Controlling hill climbs and descents confidently

• Recovering a stalled bike on a hill climb

• General motorbike confidence

• Trail riding to level 2 over the 2-day course

Book it, you will not regret it!