Motorcycle Explorer Issue 17 - Page 48

Travel Story: lawrence bransby - georgia

The Defensive Towers of Georgia

I stare at the towers, imagining marauders on horseback, serfs crouching servile against these cracked stone walls, their bare feet muddy and calloused. Thin dogs wander at will; a horse makes its solitary way home. Against a stone wall an ox-drawn sled lies, constructed from logs, more practical in these rocky places than the wheel. Old carved doors, low and secretive, shut me out. There is a life lived here that I know nothing about; the towers, the small, square churches dating back to the eleventh century, hold pre-Christian secrets about life lived in these isolated mountains that tug at my mind. I am allowed only the briefest of glimpses - the sights and smells and sounds that testify to an ancient people living lives to which I am only a transient spectator. The depth of history here humbles me, the timelessness of it…