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Tis the Season to be Riding

Hi Riders,

Here in the Northern Hemisphere the eather is having some funny turns but it is getting warmer. Bikes are out on the road in force and all is well with the world.

Motorcycle social events are being blasted across the net and riders are looking at going to old haunts and perhaps some new ones!

This is, for many, the biking season. I can't wait to get out there and meet up with some biker mates and take in the roads of Europe and perhaps beyond! If you are also heading on out for a coffee and a natter do take the time to check the bike if she has been laid up for a while, I know! I'm not your dad ;o) but it is worth a mention.

There is nothing better than getting out there and playing on the roads and dirt, regardless of what bike you ride, just so long as you ride. Being part of the journey and feeling the elements really does make all the difference for me. I enjoy cars but they are a vessel to get somewhere, a motorbike... I don't really care where I'm going to be honest and just a jaunt down to the beach has a grin on my face.

Nothing compares to the ride for me, there is something so liberating and inspiring about any ride. You never come back from a ride feeling worse then when you left.

So, here is a nod to the season and to all you out there that are taking out the gear and dusting down the visors... ride safe, ride happy and I hope to see you down the road people.

Happy riding



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