Motorcycle Explorer Issue 17 - Page 17

I get asked quite often why I ride solo. People seem absolutely perplexed by this. I understand that it can be more dangerous alone. After all, if something goes wrong, no one can help you. But personally, I prefer no company over bad company. And I also prefer no company to no trip. If there is no one else available, I won't let that stop me from travelling. More than favouring travelling solo, I just am not afraid of it. I have learnt to trust myself, my riding ability, my instincts, and I have also learnt to trust strangers and good people along the way. Caution is necessary, but it shouldn’t hold you back.

The rest of the day I spent like a little kid in an amusement park – no plan, no direction, no deadline. Every time I spotted a turn off the road that sparked my curiosity, I turned and rode it. From one riverbed to another, I rode south along the disintegrating fence that symbolises the border with Jordan. The Arava Desert is filled with endless streams and breathtaking 4x4 trails, all you need is curiosity. Finally, at sunset, I reached the village of Yotvata.

A few weeks earlier, I had written a message to a group of hard-core bikers telling them my idea to travel in the desert. Several generous guys replied that if I needed a place to sleep in the south, I was more than welcome, and the name of the village "Yotvata" was thrown around. Excellent, I said to myself, and I wrote to one of them, Gadi, that I would be very happy to stay with him. On Wednesday morning, I confirmed with him that I could arrive in the evening. He answered that there was no problem and that they were waiting for me. All good.