Motorcycle Explorer August 2015 Issue 7 - Page 44

T he final major area of the event field was the authors tent. A number of very well- known authors were selling their wares assuming you could stop them talking about travels for five minutes. If you wanted to get a 1-2-1 with people who had “done it”, then this was the tent to visit – needless to say it was a popular destination. The authors did not appear to mind passing on their massed years of experience to those who wanted to live their own dreams on the roads of this planet. For my sins, and having arrived back from a motorcycle exploration of Germany’s Black Forest on the Friday night, I only manage to arrive at the event on the Saturday morning, and given that my European trip allowed no room for camping gear, I was ‘forced’ to overnight in a local bistro hotel. I live a hard life. I had departed Folkestone for Great Missenden at a delightful 04:30hrs for a number of reasons but primarily as I wanted to keep off of the motorways and stick to the back roads. I believe every trip ought to and can be an adventure. The most direct route would have taken me around 2 hours, but my scenic route took about 4 hours as I rode past scenic sights and point of interest including the final resting place of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Saturdays events commenced at 10:00hrs with activities in both of the main presentation tents whose duration were normally around 30mins. I opted to go for a technical workshop held by Continental in their own vendor tent on how to change your own tyres. Although most of us think we know how to change our tyres when we are away from cities, it is always useful to get hints and tips from the pros ra ɽѡɕЁ͔Ёɔٕ̰ѡɽ՝)Ѽͥե́Ѽ͕Ёѡɔѡɥՙ)Ѐ́ѡѥ́ݕɔѼٔD͕ͥݥѠQMȁѕѼхЁ)ɥѼɥ5 хȁ՝ѕȁMȁѡɥ)ḾѼٔѥʹЁѼЁѡЁݡٔѡЁЁ)ѡ役͔5́Ѽɥȁѽɍ危љЁɽѡU,ѼMѠ)ɥQ䁅ɔɕѱ͕ͽ͡хѥ́ɑȁѼѡ́ɥ)ͥ х䁄ѡ՝Ёɽٽɕ͕хѥՍѼѡȁɔٽ̸)ɕѱ䁅ѕȁѡaѥʹѼɥdɕ͕хѥѡɔ݅́ݽɭ͡ɕ́!ձ͵)܁ѼхѕȁѽɅ́ݡ׊eɔѡɽѡ՝݅́͠Ёɕϊd)ЁՅѡЁѡѽ݅́䁥ٕ́䁹ɔఁ$хѽ݅)ݱ͕ѥ́͡܁ѼЁѡ͔͍́ݕЁЁ̸͡$͡)Ʌѥͥѡ͔՝ѥ́䁹Ёɥ)Mݥэѥ́ѼѡIۊe%Ёѕа$ͅЁݽɭ͡5ѽɥЀ)ͥ͡ȁѽɍ危եЁɽչѡݽɱQɅ́)ѡѕɅѥٔݽɭ݅́͡ѡЁԁ݅ѕѼѥձȁɥ݅ѕȁЁЁ)ѥձȁхЁи5ѽɕЁ݅ѡѕ́ѡɽ՝ѡɽ͕́ѡݽձ)Ѽ܁ѡѥѕѥ̀ݡɔͼɥѥɥ́Ս́ѡɔQ)ѡЁ݅́ѼɅє͕٥ݡѡ䁍䁽ФՅ䁍Ʌѕ) 5\HLݡЁѡݽɭ݅́͡չ݅丁Q䁕ݡЁЁЁ)ɥݥѡѡɅєѡݽɬݡ́Ѽѕ͕ѡ)ݽɬݡѡm5ѽɕtєȁݡЁ́ѼݥѠѡ)Q䁕ٕݡѡݽѡ͔ȁեɅєݽeЁ͔ɽ)Ѽѥ́Ս́ɅQЁ݅́ͽѡ$Ё