MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 68

hospital and went to the wing dedicated to kids suffering with cancer, I was amazed to see that they were all sleeping in tiny rooms, the parents could only sleep near them in chairs. We helped buy furniture, lamps, carpeting, etc. Now they have decent conditions to heal within. They all also have Kangoo Jumps boot and are happy. I was so happy when I saw the drawings them made for me. FFM: Is it just one cancer non-profit agency or several? Can you provide the names? KS: Until now I have only worked with MAME Association programs, but I am open to becoming involved with other activities that cherish life and health FFM: Can you share a couple of stories about some kids you have worked with through your cancer advocacy? KS: The kids we support are all brave and are examples to us. In spite of all of their suffering and the medical treatments, they simple cherish life more than we do. We take things for granted, complain that we don’t have the latest gadget or car. We kind of forget what life is all about and that love and support for others is most important. I have been blessed with two children who won the battle against cancer, who are now healthy and studying for careers of their own Their battles are examples for me and for everybody. The first Kangoo Jumps for Life was so successful that we used the funds to send a seven year old boy, Albert, suffering from leukemia to have surgery in Germany. Today he is strong and healthy and going to school like a normal child. FFM: You have the opportunity to travel to so many wonderful places. Do you have the 68 || FITNESS M A G A Z I N E || APRIL / MAY 2015 opportunity sight see? What do you like to do when traveling when you are not working? KS: I am the Kangoo Jumps distributor in several European countries. This is why I am always on the road. I spend one week in Romania, for example, then one in Bulgaria, Serbia or Sweden. I visit each country to take of a lot of business related matters, even though I have teams that are representing me. So when I travel for work I do not have time for sight-seeing. Sometimes my personal can be affected by so much travel. I haven’t had a normal vacation in a long time. FFM: When you do go on vacation do you prefer to relax, see everything you can or shop? KS: When I get the chance to vacation, I prefer to relax the first day and after that to visit as much as I can. I like to experience new things, to discover new cultures, beautiful places and traditional foods. I am not crazy about shopping, but I always enjoy sports while vacationing. At least half an hour of jogging or cardio, it is in my blood and I thank God for this. FFM: Could you explain the structure of all of your businesses and how they tie together, for example, is your Fat Burning by Kinga part of the Kangoo Jumps, do you have your own store to sell the Kangoo Jumps; do you have an exercise studio? KS: I am the official distributor of Kangoo Jumps boots in Romania and several other European Countries. I have been an international training coordinator for Aerobics, Step, Fit -ball and Pilates instructor since 1997. I have trained hundreds of fitness instructors to become professionals providing certified training for Kangoo Jumps >>> instruction. Fat Burning by Kinga is a program