MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 67

An international Training Coordinator and exclusive distributor of Kangoo Jumps in several European countries | Ms. Sebestyen is a fitness enthusiast. She is an international Training Coordinator and exclusive distributor of Kangoo Jumps in several European countries. Kangoo Jumps are rebound sport shoes that are worn during choreographed programs from dance to boot camp. Sebastian has transformed Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes into a national and international phenomenon since she began with the company in the mid 2000’s. Kangoo Jumps is a sport that has been practiced in Romania for eight years due to Kinga’s sustained promotion and support. Sebaestyen uses Kangoo Jumps for more than just exercise. She has taken this exercise program and used it as a means to raise money and awareness for programs that provide assistance to children with cancer and their families. She organizes Kangoo Jumps for Life Charity Events, funds from these events have gone towards renovation of a wing of Fundeni National Hospital in Bucharest. These funds also supported the building of the Little Starts Center which enables parents of children suffering from cancer to receive counseling and logistical support. Sebestyen has launched and developed a fat burning program: Fat Burning by Kinga - the most fun way of losing weight, With Fat Burning by Kinga, she has developed a special method to help get rid of the extra pounds, covering all aspects of a complete weight loss program, exercise, nutritional counseling, supplements, mentoring, monitoring and motivation! She is high energy and dedicated to all the programs she is involved with; she is infectious with a great follow-ing of supporters and fitness fanatics. FFM: How is it that you became so passionate for cancer support? KS: I have been working with lots of people my whole career. Some of them have been healthy, some dealing with diseases or recovering from surgeries. Originally Kangoo Jumps was used to aid athletes recovering from leg injuries. I am a very open and friendly person and I have developed strong connections with most of my clients. Therefore, I have a sense of what problems they are dealing with. I have also worked with people with cancer, including children. The exercise we do together lifts their spirits and makes them more confident. This is how I met the representatives of MAME Association which takes care of children with cancer. I proposed that we do an annual charity event and have people come and do Kangoo Jumps with me and donate money to MAME. We’ve organized six annual events and I am happy I had the chance to help. I am a mother of two and I know how important it is to know your children are healthy. When I first entered the >>> www.MOST || FITNESS M A G A Z I N E || 67