MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 6

Let me introduce myself: My name is Biani Xavier I am a bikini competitor, certified personal trainer, entrepreneur, wife and a mother of two. Yes, I am a busy gal!! In this first issue of Most Fitness Magazine, I hope we will learn from one another what a magazine is, and what it can be, in our always changing world of media and technology. To start, let me say how much I love magazines. From my earliest years I have always enjoyed flipping through the pages of magazines, amazed by their images and stories. Whether a magazine is delivered to your doorstep or to your computer, printed on glossy stock or on cheap tabloid paper, appearing on your iPad or your cell-phone screen, it is still and foremost the work of an editorial team for a discerning audience, a beautiful and meaningful, package of ideas, words and images that a group of experts prepares for its readers. While technology efficiently delivers news stories to our desktops, laptops and mobile devices, magazines are all about context. How ideas and images are presented in relation to one another and within a larger point of view. Magazines are about trust and partnership: We, the editors, will strive always to keep you engaged and you, the readers, are free to engage with us. But enough theory let me tell you about this new exciting addition to the Most Magazine brand. We are honored to have Natalia Melo, Ms. Bikini Olympia 2012 as our cover model. She has given us an exclusive interview about her life, career, and passion. In addition, look for: • Elizabeth Pour - celebrity personal trainer and holistic nutritionist as she shares her philosophy on fitness, health, and food • Lindsay McCormick - TV personality & Sports Broadcaster Publisher: Cameron Habashian • Sophia Uliano - New York Times bestselling author and healthy living advocate Editor in Chief: Biani Xavier • Kinga Sebestyen - International Training Coordinator and exclusive distributor of Kangoo Jumps in several European countries Managing Editor: Darcy Tharp Associate Editor: Shanan Maynard Charles Dorsey Jr • Bobby Holland Hanton - Exclusive interview with stunt double Contributing Editor: • Troy Byer - Heartbreaker recovery specialist • Angela Lanter - Beauty/Fashion blogger & founder of Hello Gorgeous • Transformations, featuring Dr. Brandy Segura as she shares how she transformed her body and much more. April is the time for making those last decisions before summer starts, and our fitness team has selected the best workouts, diet program, healthy tips, and MOST engaging articles to better prepare you for your summer body, mind and soul. Jessica Jessie Art Director: Miriam Jave Director of IT & Creative Solutions: Rajiv Ghangrekar Executive Director of Advertising: Charles Dorsey Jr Contributing Designer & Writer: Jenna Belt Celebrity Associate Director: Rachel Alexandra Greiner Together we thrive to give you all the necessary information in order to make you healthier, to help you make smarter choices and to bring out your overall happiness. Stay with us, expect more, and MOST. Special thanks to our amazing photographer and trainers, Justin Grant, Jonathan Lennard, Jay Sullivan, Sarah Lyons, Noel Daganta, James Patrick, Jessica Jessie, Brian Landis, Eva Simon, Caitlyn Bellamy, Crystal Milana, Shanan Maynard, and Charles Dorsey Jr. You have made our debut issue extraordinary! Best, Biani Xavier, Contributing Associate: Brian Landis Social Media Marketing