MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 46

or entertaining than Pete Prisco and Will Brinson. I was constantly laughing every time we would go to commercial break. The best was when they would debate and go at it and I would have to be the ref between the two. It felt a lot like a Jon Bones Jones press conference. We found out that Seahawks owner Paul Allen was tweeting who was drafted before they even announced it, and the jokes were endless.” It sounds like Lindsay loves a good laugh, and really, who doesn’t? Yet, for Lindsay comedy is even more of a hobby than it is for some. “I’ve worked with Funny or Die on some of their political skits and play a TV Host in The Bounce Back movie with Bill Bellamy and Shemar Moore that comes out this summer, but I know I would miss sports too much if I transitioned to solely entertainment,” reveals Lindsay. “Sports are who I am. But as long as there is a sports connection to a project, I don’t mind trying new things. My dream show involves comedians and sports.” Hopefully, that can happen some day and Lindsay can be the trailblazer of a fantastic new concept. verything of course involves being on camera an incredible amount of time and in the public eye, and as such, Lindsay knows the importance of always looking amazing. We already found out what she does for a workout, so we also had to ask what she eats and take notes; because if this road-tripping, hard-working woman can do all she does and still stay svelte, then everyone can aspire to do the same. Her favorite food is this amazing vegan and gluten-free mac and cheese with coconut bacon and chives – yum! And she reveals that, “Even when I’m on the road, I’ll find time when I first arrive in a city to stop by a Whole Foods and get protein bars, snacks for the week, almonds and coconut water. I even had a cooler on the Sunday Night Football Bus with 46 || FITNESS M A G A Z I N E || APRIL / MAY 2015 almond milk in it. The guys on the bus made fun of me at first, but then were begging me for tips by the end of the season. For breakfast I usually order scrambled eggs with no butter or oil and a bowl of fruit from room service. Then I’m at the mercy of the ballpark or media room on game day. I will say that New York stadiums have a lot of great glutenfree options though.” Although, she hasn’t been to the famous Lambeau Field stadium yet, so perhaps she will find some delicious cheesy options there! In fact, that’s the only stadium she has yet to visit, and says she can’t wait to see the Lambeau Leap in person. It’s no doubt that Lindsay will very soon make it there, as well as interview anyone she desires, as she continues to be an inspiration for all those sports-loving women out there, and really all those sports-loving people everywhere!