MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 44

As someone who obviously spends a great deal of her time talking and interviewing all types of athletes and personalities, Fitness MOST had to ask Lindsay to tell us three things: who the most interesting person/people she has ever interviewed are, what was her most challenging interview to date, and who she desires to interview in the near future. As far as interesting goes, Lindsay responded, “I love any athlete that isn’t politically correct. Any athlete that will provide entertainment for readers or viewers and show that sports can be fun and a form of entertainment. With that said, I love interviewing Metta World Peace, Terrell Owens, Antonio Cromartie or Chad Ochocinco. They are true entertainers.” On the other hand, attempting to talk to someone who gives one-word answers must be the very bane of a reporter’s existence and Lindsay agrees that it is certainly true in her case, as she once had to interview an NBA player that answered every single question with a “yes” or a “no.” “I asked him about a particular play in a previous game, and he still managed to answer me with “Yeeeaaahh man.” My coworkers had worked with him before and warned me, but I thought they were joking. I was wrong! Luckily I stil l had 20 questions ready to fire at him to fill 3 minutes of LIVE airtime. It was awkward.” And last but not least, in answer to our question about who she desires to meet, she says it’s none other than Marshawn Lynch. “He gives reporters the same response and hates interviewing. I honestly feel bad for the guy and am glad the NFL is not fining him for his comments on Media Day at the Super Bowl. The mystery that surrounds him makes me want to find out more about him. Maybe that’s just the reporter in me.” Well the reporter in her is not only drawn to the mystery of the unknown and learning the quirks of famous athletes, but also understands that it’s 44 || FITNESS M A G A Z I N E || APRIL / MAY 2015 quite often the fans who support their team every day and her co-hosts who can provide the most important and unique exchanges during an event, as Lindsay found out at the Super Bowl this year. “Getting to interact with the fans that came to watch what was happening on the NFL Experience Stage was my favorite part. Those are the diehard fans that never miss a game, save up their hardearned money to fly out to support their favorite teams, and support them with tremendous pride. They know every statistic in the book. Those are my favorite people to interact with.” Additionally, she admits that getting to host alongside some of her favorite male hosts and athletes, such as Joe Montana, one of the greatest QBs of all time, and feed off of them, teaches her a lot. While on the topic of the Super Bowl, Fitness MOST knew our readers would want a fun behind-thescenes tidbit from the most watched Super Bowl in history, and Lindsay tells us the best thing she saw. Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with football, but rather she dishes that she saw, on game day, Brazilian model and actress Adriana Lima eating a dessert parfait at the NFL Official Tailgate. “Who knew!?” exclaimed Lindsay. “She actually splurges occasionally and eats dessert. Probably not before the big fashion show though.” eeting and interacting with all these famous people every day as part of one’s daily job must be extremely entertaining, but Lindsay claims that actually her job hosting the 2012 NFL draft was her favorite so far, and she described what it was like for us. “The preparation for that was extensive though. I watched film on every player and could tell you anything you wanted to know about the top 100 guys. Every now and then an analyst would even come in my ear and ask for a name pronunciation. And I can’t think of two analysts more professional >>>