MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 40

LINDSAY MC CORMICK “But that’s the definition of sports. It’s all about strategy...a chess match of sorts. Sometimes you make the right move. And other times you don’t.” Referring to the crazy end of this year’s Super Bowl when the Seahawks made an interesting play decision that cost them the game, sports reporter and TV personality, Lindsay McCormick, is the voice of authority when it comes to all things sports-related. The blonde, Houston, Texas native grew up in a sports loving family and since college she has been on an unstoppable path towards sports broadcasting success as a female in a male-dominated world. She has found immense success with many networks, including, but not limited to: NBC “Sunday Night Football,” Fox Sports’ “Courtside Jones,” ESPN, and Esquire. com’s weekly “Monday Morning Cheerleader with Lindsay McCormick.” Most recently she was seen as the host of this year’s NFL Super Bowl live events, and got to experience the craziness and fun first hand. Fitness MOST managed to get ahold of Lindsay to find out what life is like as such a well-known and popular female sports broadcaster and get a peek into a life on the road filled with interesting personalities, numerous sports stadiums, and in general living and breathing sports! With a grandfather who was drafted by the Redskins, a dancer for a mom, a dad who played baseball growing up, and a brother who did 40 || FITNESS M A G A Z I N E || APRIL / MAY 2015 By: Darcy Tharp marketing for NASCAR races, Lindsay could not help but grow up loving sports. She says, “My family is on another level when it comes to sports. You should see my mom’s play-by-play text messages during games. When I was younger, I went to tennis camp every summer and played golf with my grandma, but dancing was my true passion. My mom was a dancer and put me in dance class when I was 2 years old. I started competing at age 7 and then transitioned into competing in ballroom after college.” However, it was her love of broadcasting that had Lindsay turning her passion for sports into a lifelong profession. As an intern for ESPN during her senior year of college, she learned from the best sports anchors and reporters in the business and produced highlights for shows including “SportsCenter,” “NBA Fastbreak,” and “Baseball Tonight.” She also began working with Eagle Eye TV and started interviewing NCAA players for the news and participating in press conferences with coaches, which further solidified her chosen career path. It is not only sports, but it’s anything health related that Lindsay fee ls passionate about. “I love finding new healthy restaurants, or recipes that give a unique healthy twist on typically unhealthy foods. I could live in a health food store. My favorite part of my week is when I get to go to the grocery store.” She reveals that if she was not working in broadcasting or sports, it would be in health or fitness or her other true passion, dancing. >>>