MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 28

FFM: Do you have any aspirations to continue with your culinary education or work more on the food and diet side of things? EP: Yes, my focus has always been on nutrition! After my certifications for exercise nutrition, I began expanding to wholebody holistic nutrition. Four years ago I decided to do courses to get an internationally accredited holistic nutrition license. Most people that can’t lose fat, gain muscle, or have chronic aches blame their genetics. They don’t factor in years of neglect or malnutrition that is common in today’s society. The more research and experiments I did, the more I understood the body’s reaction to poor nutrition. Diet and cooking techniques have always been used in conjunction with the workout programs I developed. FFM: What is the craziest excuse you have heard someone give for why they can’t or won’t exercise or eat healthy? EP: “I’m allergic to sweat.” is probably the craziest one! At least people laugh when they say this; although I still may not get a straightforward answer later. I think the most common one would be “I want to lose weight before I start a fitness program.” FFM: What is the best tip you can give MOST readers for starting a journey towards a healthy life and achieving strength, flexibility, and their desired body? EP: The first two weeks are always the most challenging. Just make an effort to incorporate 28 || FITNESS M A G A Z I N E || APRIL / MAY 2015 some form of exercise daily. It can be cardio (indoor or outdoor), weights, or stretching. Don’t limit yourself to a gym. Just stay active and slowly start progressing. A long-term goal can be very intimidating if you don’t have short-term goals to focus on along the way! Follow social media people that inspire you, start taking a class, subscribe to magazines, or get a trainer if you can. The more you surround yourself with fitness the more inspired you’ll become! FFM: How can our inspired readers get in touch with you to hire you as their personal trainer? EP: They can reach out to me on my website or on my social media @lizpour! FFM: What was the most difficult part of your recovery from your near fatal car accident? EP: Accepting that I was injured was difficult. Knowing what my body was capable of doing before the accident. Having to limit myself. I’ve always taught myself to push past limitations and goals but with fitness and health it’s about what’s appropriate for your body in the state it’s in... at that moment. Focusing on the now and trying to >>>