MOST Magazine Fitness APR-MAY'15 ISSUE NO.1 - Page 25

ELIZABETH POUR Celebrity personal trainer and holistic nutritionist Elizabeth Pour shares her philosophy on fitness, health, and food A workout should be 4% of your day, the other 96% of your day is filled with opportunity. Opportunities to eat cleaner, be more active, and change the habits that are keeping that 4% of your day from being successful. As a trainer I identify the limiting factors a person has that keeps them from achieving their fitness goals. With a specialized focus in holistic nutrition, food pairing, strength building, interval training, and physical therapy; it’s the unique combination I have developed that helps each client see results. The first step is getting out of your own way. You have to go into it a fitness routine knowing you’re going to start leading a healthier lifestyle, otherwise it’s only natural to adjust your habits to prevent change. Example: You do thirty minutes of cardio at the gym, so at lunch you reward yourself with a cookie because “you deserve it.” Newsflash. That cookie cost you more than your cardio. With diet, I believe food pairing and timing are key factors to getting results. Fad diets revolve around restriction and deprivation. Your body needs a balance to optimally function. If you deprive your body you may see rapid results, but you’re setting yourself up to revert back to where you started; or in most cases, worse off than where you started. When I began training I had no intention of sticking with it. I graduated high school at 16, playing sports such as soccer and volleyball up until then. At that time I never had to focus on nutrition because I lived such an active lifestyle. When you’re young your relationship with food isn’t as apparent. Food is easier to think about as flavor vs fuel. As the years went by, my interest in food seemed to develop. It became a passion of mine that surpassed sports. After graduating I went to culinary school, to explore the food culture I loved so much. Learning how to prepare de 6FV